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A year-old boy who wears glasses though his pupils are unseen , he is shown to be very intelligent, and is often relied on to help Roger with taxes, or Peter and Paige with homework. Unlike his siblings, who sometimes make him pay them to do their homework, Jason wants to do his homework, and often receives incredibly high marks as a result 72 correct answers out of 20 questions is disappointing to him.

He sometimes is disappointed when he has no homework because he did all the homework for the year in the first week of school. He tends to aggravate the teachers with his overly complicated answers [1] and is frequently in trouble for disrupting class. Despite his intellect, he is shown to take most things too literally on occasion. Once, when Roger asked him for "java", meaning a cup of coffee, Jason gave him a mug with a printout from the Java programming language.

He is always coming up with jokes, pranks and tricks which include water bombs, snowballs, dart guns, squirt guns and other contraptions, Paige being his favorite target. She is also the center of his insults, like when he came up with a Slug-Man superhero comic, which included "Paige-o-Tron" as the villain, or uploading games to his website which included Pimple Command , Paige Invaders , Ms.

Family Circus, or with his siblings as the characters, such as when he had a week of comic strips in which Paige was portrayed as a deadly monster which resulted in Paige doing the same for him the following week. Portrayed as a stereotypical nerd , he has an interest in science fiction , particularly Star Wars , Star Trek and role-playing games primarily the fictional fantasy-themed MMORPG "World of Warquest", a portmanteau of World of Warcraft and EverQuest , as well as a high level of knowledge in mathematics and science.

He also seems to have a high interest in comic books and dinosaurs. Jason is also a frequent user of the family computer, and has been shown to be an amazing programmer, repeatedly constructed his own computer programs including a search engine, which he built before breakfast and viruses, which he often sends to the other computers in the house and Eileen Jacobson.

It is also shown that Jason is a terrific snow sculptor. When it snows he and his best friend Marcus build monsters out of snow to scare Paige. Another example is a storyline in which Andy tells him to go outside instead of playing video games, so he and Marcus build the environments of their favorite video games to play in.

In addition, he plays video games regularly either by himself, with Peter, with Roger, or with Marcus. In one series of strips, Paige plays one of his games and is more adept at it than Jason to his frustration, with common sense assisting her. He frequently attempts to recreate the work of cartoonists while they are on hiatus , usually as an excuse to make fun of Paige. He also makes his own comic called Slug Man, a parody of Superman and Batman. Occasionally, Jason will make exaggerated plans of his own, such as a large-scale animatronics Christmas display which has everything but a sound system playing "Jingle Bell Rock" all day or a skyscraper comic book shop in his backyard which is squashed by the zoning commission.

He sometimes falls prey to advertising ploys, as illustrated in a arc where he becomes obsessed for a short while with The Simpsons products. Paige Fox[ edit ] Paige Fox is the middle child of the Fox family. A year-old high school freshman , she is always portrayed with her hair in a ponytail. She enjoys shopping and will often demand that Peter drive her to the mall, sometimes using blackmail to force him into it. Like the rest of the family, she has interests expected of her age group.

Her obsessions include fashion , pop music particularly boy bands and, in earlier strips, Madonna , modern fads and trends, and attractive teenage boys. A running gag through the series is that she has a huge craving for candy and other sweets. For example, the ice cream man comes to her when she rings a bell and takes out his whole stock, asking Paige "the usual?

She has been shown to make a rainbow ice cream cone not by ordering rainbow sorbet, but instead by ordering seven different flavors in the colors of the rainbow, stacked in a rainbow shape in the right order on top of two cones.

In an August strip she and Nicole suggest to a cupcake shop ideas for a pintcake, quartcake, 2litercake, and a galloncake, in case they ever wanted to expand beyond cupcakes. She shares her obsessions with her best friend, Nicole see below.

She also appears to have an iPhone 4. Although persistent in her pursuit of a boyfriend , she has almost never dated in the strip. Paige has tried learning to cook to attract boys, but the food she makes is often inedible or burnt. Paige often falls asleep in class, partly because she stays up late. She is slightly more diligent than Peter when it comes to schoolwork, but has had her own procrastination-related nightmares like school starting two weeks early and getting a schedule with only math classes with quizzes every day.

Paige will often ask Jason for help in homework, usually in the mathematics of geometry. However, he often gives her intentionally incorrect answers or charges her money in exchange for the correct ones. Paige also has difficulties with English class, particularly when reading Shakespeare. Although she is not flabby, Paige is also shown to be in poor physical shape, not participating in any outdoor activities or organized sports, and the smallest amount of physical activity is shown to wear her out.

Occasionally, his cap has an "H" instead of an "A", but only as a benchwarmer for the high school baseball team. He is often seen with his hat on, even at odd times such as swimming. Peter has been seen hatless in places where it is blatantly rude to wear a ballcap indoors, such as church.

He also shows interest in sports, but is constantly shown to be inept at both football and baseball. He even once had a dream of being a contender on the TV show American Gladiators but before the dream could be realized, he severely injured himself flexing in front of a mirror. He is also seen as occasionally power hungry, especially when there are no parents, as shown in an early storyline, where when Andy and Roger went away, he forced Paige and Jason to be his servants, baking him cookies, cleaning his room, and the like; before locking them in the basement for "mutiny".

Peter also holds other stereotypical interests for an adolescent male, including swimsuit models , video games, and guitar playing. Since some of the earlier strips, Peter has been dating a blind girl named Denise Russo.

She is portrayed in the strip as a year-old mother. According to the strip, she graduated from a college prior to marrying, where she majored in English, but it is never revealed where she got her degree, so it could be possible she got it at a different university than her husband. While earlier strips portrayed her as a freelance writer and columnist for a local newspaper , [9] references to her job were gradually dropped and she has mostly been portrayed as a stay-at-home mother.

Andy has often clashed with her children about school. Her locking horns with the kids on school is not without justification, as Peter and Paige are often shown as "go-nowheres", being lazy in school and rarely involved in extracurricular courses. Even on rare occasions Jason has flubbed his schoolwork, causing Andy to come down upon him like an iceberg meeting an ocean liner.

Andy often prepares exaggerated vegetarian or vegan meals for her family most often tofu, eggplants, spinach, beets, etc. She often criticizes her husband for his love of beer and meat, and children for what she sees as their bad habits, such as procrastination [10] [11] and use of improper grammar. She has been known to impose her will and beliefs rather harshly on her family, including Roger, such as occasions when she refused to buy coffee because she believed him to be "addicted" to it, and instructing Jason to play video games to prevent Roger from watching Super Bowl pre-game programming.

In most cases, she has an intense hatred toward video games, often trying to get her kids disinterested in gaming. Her methods have ranged from directly throwing a console across the room during a particularly violent rant, to confiscating all games save for those approved by mother activist groups.

Andy has been shown to be one of the angriest members of the family, although her anger never escalates to hurting others as Paige and Peter have been shown to do. She is easily the most high-strung member of the family and can start screeching about anything in an instant.

Andy has also been shown as being obsessed with bills, as she almost never touches the thermostat and subscribes to only the most basic necessities for a household.

A running joke has been that during the winter the house has been cold enough to freeze breath. This is contrasted with the spendthrift attitude of the kids and their locking horns with Andy over this. A more serious story arc in FoxTrot was when Roger had been tasked by J. According to the strip, he is 45 years old and was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Roger has also stated that he majored in English studies [12] at the fictional Willot College. His hobbies include golf , [14] camping , and chess , though he has almost no talent at any of them or virtually anything else he attempts. When he is golfing, he often hits the ball wildly and completely off target, when camping he always messes up something, and in chess he is defeated in mere seconds. He often tries to involve his family in his interests, usually by taking them on vacations.

Despite being rather clueless at times, he can be clever in some matters. He fares well enough as a family man and clearly cares for his wife and children. In the strip, he always appears seated at his desk, with only his hands showing and almost always folded. Pembrook is a stereotypical boss, showing little care about his company or his workers and is extremely greedy.

Roger, conflicted over the stress at home, is henpecked by an enraged Andy that he should tell off Pembrook. Fred seems to be the better golfer as seen in one strip where Fred had a score of 81 while Roger had a score of Paige sometimes babysits for her, usually with disastrous results. One time, Paige fell asleep on the job allowing Katie to find scissors and chop up her brand-new dress while wearing it.

In another case Paige watched an adult show, Jerzy Spaniel a parody of Jerry Springer with Katie discovering a swear word , repeating it over and over. Another time, Paige gave her cake, making her exceedingly hyper. Paige described her as "a broken nonstop tape recorder" on the Saturday strip. She usually pays Paige enough to make Paige happy to babysit again. They are very close, and kiss constantly, although they do have their share of fights.

Peter once attempted to break up with her so he could date other girls and "develop socially," but had a change of heart when he realized dating is not a rite of passage and there is no "appropriate" romance, and later admitted he was subject to peer pressure and media stereotypes. Denise has a manipulative streak and knows exactly how to get what she wants from Peter. In several strips, Paige and Jason blackmail him with photographs of the two together.

Peter and Steve are often seen watching sports, or playing video games or guitar together. He often lets Peter borrow his guitar instruments and amps, which usually ends up with Peter destroying most of the objects in the house.

Paige once noted that Steve was "cute". He is the opposite image of a good coach, showing little interest in improving skills and only thinking of the "easy way out" to win games.

He is also portrayed with a fat belly that hangs over his pants; hardly the image of an athlete. He wears glasses and a full beard. He seems to have little patience for the laziness of Peter and Steve, but will sometimes be helpful if he realizes students are making an honest effort. Sometimes Paige has been shown as a student of his classes. She is also a high school freshman who has similar interests.

Paige and Nicole sometimes go shopping together. The two once broke off their friendship after Nicole was able to get a date for the prom and Paige was not, but they soon reconciled. Nicole once had a crush on Peter, but that disappeared after she learned of his slovenly persona.

Morton Goldthwait is a stereotypical nerd who attends school with Paige, though he is half her size.

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