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I already promised the guys that I would sign up for summer ball. I hate her and she hates me and you know it! You know how much I love him. I really think he is going to ask me to marry him while we are in France. Paul is a good man, he has his own successful business and he cares for the both of us. We cannot let this chance pass us by. Aunt Margaret is weird and she lives in the middle of no where. Who in their right mind sends her nephew such stupid stuff and she treats me like a girl," he retorted.

Your Aunt is not weird. Maybe a bit eccentric but she cares for us. She was very happy to hear that you were going to spend some time together. Margaret buys you the nicest things whenever she visits.

Three months will give you both plenty of time to really get to know one another," his Mother argued. She treats me like a little sissy and those gifts.

How can you call that red velvet sailor suit she gave me for Christmas anything but weird? No body wears clothes like that. I felt like a complete dork going to church dressed in that. She keeps pinching my cheeks and telling everybody how cute I am. You hate sports and have a delicate disposition so I can see why she treats you the way she does. You leave tomorrow right after school lets out. If I have to come looking for you, I promise that when I find you, well, you will have a very sore bottom.

Daniel spent a miserable night. The gifts were always labeled: He positively hated being called Heather. That red velvet sailor suit she gave him at Christmas was a prime example of her way out gifts. The pants fit him tightly in the crotch and butt, had those flashy brass buttons in the front and wide flares at the legs.

The white dress shirt had ruffles of all things at the collar and cuffs. The matching long sleeved red pull-over top had white satin piping on the back flap and a deep "V" neckline. The jacket left the ruffles at his collar and cuff fully exposed. A white satin scarf was tucked under the back flap and tied into a square knot in front with long streamers. A white straw hat with red satin band, white nylon socks and bright red patent leather Mary Jane styled shoes completed the outfit.

It took him months to get his friends to stop teasing him about it. He was still reluctant to bring his friends over to the house as his Mother had an eight by ten portrait of him in that suit sitting on the mantel.

He received other weird gifts that no self respecting teenage boy should ever be seen with. Up on his shelf was that stupid farm girl doll dressed in a blue gingham dress with white petticoats and starched white apron she had given him for a birthday present and his Mother insisted he keep on display.

Then there was the time he demanded she send him an action figure. Instead, he got that stupid Ken doll with a bunch of Barbie clothing to dress him in. On his last birthday, she sent him a music box with a twirling ballerina on top.

There had been no end to the humiliating gifts, each one seeming more humiliating than the next. Her infrequent visits were even worse. She was always telling his Mother that he was too pretty to be a boy and stuff like that.

Once, she took them shopping for new clothing and embarrassed the snot out of him. There she held up a pair of yellow nylon panties with lace frills and a matching training bra in front of him and asked if he would like some of his own. On her last visit, she brought him violet colored cotton sheets with a matching satin comforter and pillow covers with white lace accents. Of course his Mother insisted that he use them. He ran the household, supervising the cleaning and gardening staff when they showed up.

He did most of the cooking, acting as chauffeur and general handy man. He was stiffly formal when around Margaret and others. They had little personal contact and they both enjoyed that relationship. He had his own house off to the side of the main building and stayed there when not working. He had had his own problems with the outside world and was happy to be isolated from prying eyes.

Occasionally, he would go into town on a day off but was satisfied to stay in his own abode. He was in his mid-fifties, six foot two inches tall with salt and pepper hair and lanky. When Daniel arrived home Rodger was waiting. I laid out your clothing for the trip and be quick about it. You have kept Rodger waiting long enough," she ordered. When he got to his room, Daniel tossed his book bag into the corner then groaned as he saw the clothing on his bed.

The front had a short zipper, fastened with a big pearl button and was pleated with turned up cuffs. There were two slanted pockets in the front but were too shallow to put anything into. Again, the cut was such that it was tight in the crotch and butt but flared at the legs. A pink pull over shirt with rounded collar and short capped sleeves was next. It was too short to tuck into his shorts and left his navel exposed whenever he moved.

White nylon socks and white canvas tennis shoes completed his dressing. He stood looking at his reflection disgusted with himself. I look like a geek. Oh well, might as well get this over with," he thought.

When he came back downstairs, his Mother made a big fuss. She told him how nice he looked and that she would miss him. She tousled his long mousey brown hair, bent down and kissed him on the cheek. As she stepped back, he rubbed his cheek with his palm blushing.

I packed it for you. So off you go and have a wonderful time with your Aunt Margaret. She dressed conservatively in skirts and blouses with a cardigan sweater about her shoulders. She had married into money, a lot of money, and was a widow.

Her husband died a few years after the marriage and left her everything but what she wanted most. She wanted a daughter more than anything but she was left alone. Unfortunately, the will leaving her all that money had a qualification. It stated that if she remarried or had a child out of wedlock, then she would forfeit the inheritance. He had been a jealous man who looked upon his wife as his personal property. Her being able to find happiness at his demise and expense galled him to no end, so the provision was put into the will.

The only pleasure she allowed herself was to indulge her baby sister. Doris was an unfortunate lady, married young to a two timing bum who left her soon after she gave birth.

She was jealous that her sister had a wonderful child, a boy child that was entirely too pretty to be a boy to her way of thinking. She had convinced herself that Daniel should have been born a girl named Heather. Now Daniel was coming for an extended visit, a visit that Margaret planned on being much longer than just the summer if she had her way.

She had tried so many times in the past to get Doris to let her keep the child but she had always found some excuse not to send him. I have it all figured out. I put Paul up to dating and charming you for the sole purpose of getting my hands on Daniel. Paul will make you see things my way. After all, it will be so much better if I raised Daniel so you two love birds can have some fun. I gave you Paul and you give me Daniel for my own. She lived in her Tudor styled mansion out in the country away from the distractions of the big city.

She enjoyed her remoteness for two reasons. She loved the natural beauty surrounding her estate and it kept the neighbors at a distance. The house had been built on top of a knoll which provided a grand view of the manicured grounds and forest beyond.

The back patio overlooked the pool, tennis courts and in the distance a small sparkling stream. She was content for the most part in her solitude but the absence of social interaction had made her eccentric. She had a few friends that lived in the nearby "artist colony" township that she visited. One of her best friends, Madge, leased a beauty salon and aspired to become "The" makeup artist of the stars someday.

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