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Called several times and each time I was told I would be called. Trying to reach anyone there is a full time job. The operators transfer to extensions that you can leave a message because it full and not accepting messages. Since I could not reach him by phone. He assured me I would get a call when the part came in. Could never speak with any of the people that were very eager to sell me the car.

He would let me know when the part was in. Never heard from him. I emailed him back and have not heard from him. I spoke with one of the many managers Janz Alvarez who told me Anton would be here in about 10 minutes to replace part.

Issac Moreno came to say hello. I was never called to tell me it was there. Asked to speak with Alain Josep. He never showed up.

They are very eager to sell but service, customer service and follow through is horrible. This car was not given to me free.

I paid for it and I refuse to be treated with the lack of respect and indifference. They are not very professional. Absolute the worst customer service on this planet! They are incompetent and do not care about there customer! They only care about the bottom line! The whole management need to be fired with the general manager being the first! Worst experience of my life and I warn everyone to stay away or you will become there next victim!

Steven Solano April 2, at 8: I strongly urge anybody in the market for a new Honda to avoid this place at all cost! There scam artists and incompetent and do not know what customer service is or how to run a business! They might as well not even have a general manager because no matter how many times we called and left messages she would not speak to us!

She is the ring leader of this circus and they all follow by example! Can u believe my wife called at least 15 times today for Richard and Anna and them too would not return her calls like there the victims in this whole mess they caused! My wifeDrove around for over a month and a half and her new pilot and just a couple of days ago they told us that the car had to come back because the deal was an approved!

We tried to give them the car but they keeper there lie going and going for well over a month and went as far as paying off her trade in with Wells Fargo! We received a certified letter from Wells Fargo letting us know that the car had been paid off by AutoNation and that they now have the title! So Anna told us that all she had to do was call in favors because they have a great relationship with Wells Fargo and she would get our loan on the trade in reinstated!

So let me get this right!! Now today is Monday the 2nd of April! You think they would want the pilot back but like I say we called and called and it has went as far as the secretary forwarding our calls to a voice mail! This shows you how childish and incompetent the management at this dealership is! There is so much more I could complain about be I would be writing for another two hours!

I urge everyone to stay far away from this evil place!! Stay far far away for these scam artists or I promise you will be next! This has been the Worst experience of my life and a real life nightmare! Kevin Jones March 20, at All I wanted was some new windshield wiper put on my car before I bought it.

I emailed the first time it rained and needed the wipers and the GM Mark Perry there called me and yelled at me and told me to buy my own damn wipers. And yes he did use the word damn.. He accused me of being bullying and aggressive with his salesman.

I was no such thing. That is not in my nature. If anything he was aggressive, rude and and the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. He really helps perpetuate the the stereotype of sleezy can salesman. All I wanted was a lousy set of windshield wipers. And I get this idiot calling me to yell at me. I will do everything in my power to keep people from shopping there. George godoybaca March 20, at 9: I always tell the service Dept the problem of the car.

Spoke to salesman at Auto nation Chevrolet Green acres in Florida. When spoke to salesman said he would check and see if car was still there and take a few pictures as he did. Told him I saw on web site and that i will take car. He then calls me back and says sales manager said it was a mistake and then says i can sell it for 8k off sticker only. There are 2 other cars on site with large discounts and also have seen them discounted other dealers and confirmed as high as 20k off and verified with dealers but wanted this car.

Took about sneaky Corporate needs to know about this and see what a bad name this is giving Auto nation for not honoring the price. Jackie Tinsley March 6, at 1: AutoNation Ford in Sanford has been supplied this information 3 separate times through certified mail. The State Revenue office has been given all the information collected since August I have been advised that an injunction can be filed against AutoNation.

Since even with communication with the dealership manager, and other representatives from cooperative offices the order has not been complied with this would be the next step to this process. January 4, at 3: I bought a certified Jeep liberty on December 29th and in less than a year I will have to replace the water pump and lines, transmission lines, transmission cooler, and transmission itself. Auto Nation will never get any of my business again and I will post this complaint everywhere I possible can to hopefully save somebody this hassle in the future.

Its nice to see how they treat veterans and students who are trying to get a reliable vehicle. But I guess that the way it goes. Shawn December 29, at The lot had no customers which should have been my first clue considering every dealership in the surrounding area was very active that day.

After roughly fifteen minutes of looking around a salesman finally greets us. We start asking questions and immediately realize that he has no clue about the cars. Understanding that he may or may not be new we continue to work with him but instead of asking questions we look at the stickers. We then noticed the stickers themselves were not correct. On many cars the interior color was wrong or the sticker would claim to have the driver convenience packages but none of that package appeared on the car, etc.

Andy started off relatively nice but that quickly changed. Andy said he found the car but we would have to make a deal to bring it over. We told him no that we would just drive to see it. Andy talked us into working out some numbers before we departed. During this time he talked down about what the salesman showed us which Should of been my second clue to leave. We walked out astonished but decided we would contact the other dealership ourselves and just try to work with them.

I call that dealer which was two and a half hours away and give him the information. The salesman informed me that the car had already been sold earlier that day. At the end of the day we received the car that we wanted from a competitor at the price point we were happy with and autonation airport permanently lost another customer.

The disrespect in that dealership on the sales side was beyond belief and I truly hope corporate can fix it. Randy December 20, at 6: Work was expected to take 1 day and ended being over a week. Sometime within the service appointment they smashed into my truck with another customers car. They called to notify me of the incident. I asked for a document explaining the incident, and that they would warranty the respiratory work. They said no problem and assured me there was a new Silverado loaner truck waiting for me.

The next days to come were all filled with lies and BS excuses so they can continue to have the truck longer to finish the body work from the accident. I tried calling Autonation corporate office for answers or any resolution, and they just totally blew me off. The truck is covered in overspray and the paint has dimples in it. I told them I want the numbers for both the owner of the dealership and another for a Chevy rep.

He wrote the numbers down for me and I left in my truck.

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